An inspired approach to education and life long learning where Children blossoming in a nurturing environment.

Holistic Growth

Our en-devour at Little Leaders is to create budding all rounders. We make sure that there is an optimum balance between the academics and extra curricular activities that is quintessential for holistic growth of toddlers..

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Learn With Love

We believe that the age group of young learners and toddlers that we are dealing with, love is the most important component for overall development. Thus all are methodologies are deeply imbibed in love and care..

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A high quality, standardized day wise preschool curriculum, which is flexible enough to be successfully administered to all states of India. The curriculum also gives a clear timetable in terms of what needs to be done throughout the year in terms of activities and themes..

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We believe the infrastructure plays vital role in creating the environment where the intended outcome of the education can be delivered. Swami Vivekanand preschool have designed classroom environment where young children can safely explore and learn with creativity, curiosity, and love for nature. We streamlines your day-to-day operations freeing you up to spend less time in the office and more time with the children.


The success of the preschool curriculum will be in its implementation. Hence, it is extremely important that the teachers are trained properly to implement the curriculum. Swami Vivekanand preschool support places a lot of emphasis on teacher training. The training content is deep and covers numerous areas like - Overall curriculum objectives, methodology, teachers roles and responsibilities, marketing for a school and more

Genral FAQ'S

  • What are the languages taught at Swami Vivekanand Preschool ?

    At Swami Vivekanad Preschool , the languages taught and spoken are English, along with Hindi/Regional language to make the children feel comfortable and enable them to communicate with ease both at school, at home and elsewhere.

  • What kind of curriculum do you follow?

    Playway method of learning is a child centric method where the method of teaching is informal and natural to suit the child’s interests. Our belief learning is best through play activities. We make teaching more lively and interesting. We teach languages, mathematics, social studies etc through a series of activities like games, songs, free play, gardening, construction activities etc. The learning is not just limited to cognitive development, but also for the overall development of the child. A few methods and techniques included in this method are Role plays, Projects; Theme based learning, Field trips, Puppetry etc. At our schools we also follow some level of formal learning as well, to ensure that the child is ready for the primary education

  • What is the admission procedure?

    You need to schedule a visit our swami vivekanand academy preschool. Contact us on +91-7909306350

Key Areas Of Our Pre School

  • न्यूनतम शुल्क - सर्वोत्तम शिक्षा.
  • Smart class CBSE pattern.
  • Our Focus study, habbit & manners.
  • Enhancing communication skills.
  • Only monthly fees. No yearly or hidden fees.
  • Math and Language Skill Development.
  • We have trained teachers for your children.
  • Personal Social and Emotional Development.
  • Inculcating Life-long learning skills.

Our Philosophy

जिस शिक्षा से हम अपना जीवन निर्माड़ कर सके ,मनुस्य बन सके चरित्र गठन कर सके ,और विचारो का सामंजस्य कर सके वही वास्तव में शिक्षा कहलाने योग्य है.
स्वामी विवेकानंद

About Us

Our pre School in Raigarh provides a high standard of care, education and learning opportunities to children where Children develop skills in a fun and relaxed environment. our Pre school is projected by Shriram Shikshan Samiti Raigarh, to provide pre-school care and education for children aged 2-5

We are social

Our Address

Shriram Shikashan Samiti
Snajay Maidan, Rambhata
Raigarh, Chhattisgarh (496001)
Phone: +91-7909306350
Questions: +91-79093006351

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